Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Old Reliable


I have been coming to this little place for years. It is either my first stop on arrival or the location of my farewell meal before departure. So that much mean that I like it. I've also taken numerous friends there. In fact I was fist taken there by my father. It was one of his places from before I was born. Choy's has with out a doubt stood the test of time.

It was the first place I had deep fried sea weed. The first place I tried prawn (shrimp) toast. It is still a regular order. Haven't found anywhere else that does the quite this delicately. Another personal favorite is the Crispy Chillie Beef. While it has a nice little kick to it it is by no means too strong. I think I'll stop recommending here. In all these years I must have had more ore less the whole menu it has all been good.

Over the last few years London has undergone some real changes. Some big such as the booming expansion of Docklands or the development for the 2012 Olympics. These aren't necessarily bad. it is exciting to see an old historic city getting a new vital lease on life. But it is some of the smaller changes that are the ones that sting. Small store giving way to the same chains you see everywhere else. The loss of the Routmaster also comes to mind these were the open back double decker buses that for decade were one of the images of London. These were the buses the landed you half a block from Choy's If you were willing to leap for it you would find yourself right in front of the place.

But with so much going on it's nice to have a place in a forine city that you can enjoy. A place where friends and family have enjoyed dining. A safe reliable haven in a fast paced place and time.

Choy's 172 Kings Road, London, SW3 4UP

Telephone: 0871 3328720

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