Monday, March 19, 2007

Pride or Brunch?


I can accept the inevitable wait for a spot at brunch. But at what point does it go beyond reasonable. Does it at some point become a matter of Pride and principle that one continues to wait it out?

These are the questions that I was pondering yesterday morning at Sarabeth’s (1295 Madison). I’ve been there before braving the crowd and the wait-times for a crack at the Almond Crusted French Toast. People have raved to me about it. The truth is I’ve had it once did mind it but haven’t ordered it again.

I thought of this as I waited in the cramped narrow area. People piling in from the street but no one was leaving the dinning area. The fact that it happens al the time is a testament to the place they must be doing something right. Even Oprah knows about it. It was getting to the point where I was feeling less and less like eating. Heading for the door and clearing up some space seemed like a better and better idea. But I had come ‘this ‘ far I wasn’t turning back.

As luck would have it we had passed the brunch time. Breakfast items were still being serve but at a quarter to one I no longer felt like French toast or something along those lines. So I opted for a club Sandwich. Every thing was great instead of the customary bacon ham was used. The turkey was moist. The lettuce and tomato were both fresh. The bread used was a hearty whole grain. All of these elements in turn cumulated it a thick satisfying lunchtime meal.

At least it should have been but after the waiting experience I felt drained.

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