Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner


So yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day; always a treat in NYC. This is even more so at night when one has to pass the seemingly endless amount of Irish Pubs that are packed to over flowing. The smoking ban has only added to the congestion with smokers huddling in green pack on the icy sidewalks. So I decided to go out to dinner.

Not a big fan of cabbage, or boiled meat (I know there’s more to Irish food that that.) I opted for French. I had wanted to try a little place on 82nd St. (166 E) Le Refuge. An apt name considering what was going on out side. It was crowed with what seem to be local regulars.

It is a cute place nestled about halfway up the block on a quiet residential street. It has three French themed rooms each leading into the other. With everything being presided over by a very diligent and friendly staff.

I started with the shrimp bisque, one of the specials of the night, which while shrimpy and creamy was, not overly exciting. This was followed by a salmon merlot. The chef recommended it medium and it arrived well. Despite being slightly greasy was edible.

The only real disappoint came with the arrival of the hazelnut cake. This was described in terms of having a mouse. It didn’t it was a butter cream and the cake slightly stale. Yet this did not take away from the fact the Le Refuge provide a nice time on an otherwise crazy evening.

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