Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pub Grub

Chalfont St Giles (just outside of London)

When the English put their minds to something they tend to do it well. Think of cars, motorbikes, and tradition these sorts of things. The one constant exception was food. If anything it was an ongoing joke. English culinary prowess was right up their with French military might. There's a history in both Case but not a glorious on.

Today the fact is that the English culinary scene is booming and happnin'. To me this is in no small part due to pub food.

Starting late seventies early eighties London pubs decided that having a decent meal for businessman at lunch time was perhaps a good idea. So they did and it was.

So it was on a cold rainy after noon that I found myself sitting next to the fire place at The Ivy House and award winning pub in the midst of the English country side. The was the kind of setting that postcards are made of. The menu showed why it was award winning there was a vast and interesting selection from ostrich to Thai noodles to sea bass.

I opted form something else. something a little more sustainable and comforting for the rainy afternoon country ham and eggs. Granted not the most exciting, but with out a doubt a very satisfying meal.

And I never had the chance to mention the view.

The view.